Managers Guidance Notes

Before the match:

  • Everyone to download the EJA App to your phone, it has all the contact details, venues, manager names, etc. and most importantly the rules on! It means if there is any query the rules are on your phone!
  • Ensure that your secretary or you have confirmed home matches, this should be sent 5 days before the match.
  • Kick-0ff times must be on Full-Time by 8am on Mondays.
  • Check that you have received the details of away matches. Sometimes these are sent straight to the manager because those doing the confirming use only the Full-Time notification to send details to. Be patient for a couple of days because people wait until match officials are appointed.
  • Arrive approx. one hour before the match if travelling or make sure someone is at the ground to meet and greet ahead of the home fixture.
  • Appoint two ‘delegates’ (parent helpers) to meet and greet your opposition and match officials and show them where they need to go – especially important with the U13s as you are all new and unfamiliar with the grounds.
  • Ensure the match officials are greeted and offered appropriate refreshments. These delegates will also be expected to resolve any non-football issues that may arise. Location of toilets, a cloth for a spillage, etc.… At half time, these delegates can ensure the match officials get a drink as well. At the end of the match show the opposition and match officials where to go to get the food.
  • Travel in either club tracksuits or shirt/tie and trousers.
  • Be prepared to show your players squad sheet for player clarification and the people in the dugout to your opposition and match officials, a laminated sheet downloaded from WGS should be carried, a view on a mobile is not acceptable.

Match Ready:

  • A minimum of 7 players is required to play the match so it cannot be postponed if only 9 show up.
  • Exchange team sheets together at least 15 minutes before the start of the match, match officials have to transfer your information to their little black books so as early as viable is best.
  • Ensure your captain has his armband visible.
  • If the referee is a no-show, or one has not been appointed, then you need to agree who will officiate between you, as per Rule 23 (B) – it is NOT a reason for a match to be postponed.
  • KICK OFF ON TIME – this is vital as venues will have several matches to schedule into each Sunday so do not delay any further matches by being late.

During the Match:

  • Only three adults and the named subs will be allowed in the technical areas/dugouts, no one else.
  • It is roll on roll off subs from five named substitutes.
  • ENJOY!

After the Match:

  • Within 10 minutes of the finish complete the SMS result on your phone.
  • Clear up your changing rooms so they are in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • Hospitality is expected and you should stay and eat. Players are expected to change into their tracksuits or shirt/tie & trousers in order to eat, not remain in their playing kit. (If for any reason the whole team is unable to do so this MUST be communicated to the opposition 5 days BEFORE the matchday, so no food is prepared and must come from the Secretary.
  • You must complete the a) The Referee marks, b) League marks, c) Player details, including scorers, Captain and subs used on either the Matchday App or via Full Time by 8pm.
  • NB: If you have used the Matchday App, CHECK that the details appear on Full-Time, because if it has not, it is a fine. If, for whatever reason, it is not working, (showing as pending), inform the Communications Officer immediately. (
  • Relax!

Common Events

What to do if the match is postponed

  • Inform the opposition, the match official, and the following League Officers: Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Referee Secretary and Communications Officer.
  • Update the fixture by entering P-P via the SMS and short code. DO NOT enter anything else but P-P.
  • Inform your Secretary that they will be receiving a charge from the League, the Secretary will then have 7 days to explain why this match was postponed so provide them with your reasons.
  • A decision by The League will then be made and communicated to BOTH clubs and the fixture will then be updated.

What to do if the match is abandoned

  • Inform the following League Officers: Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Referee Secretary and Communications Officer immediately.
  • Update the fixture by entering A-A via the SMS and short code. DO NOT enter anything else but A-A.
  • Ask your Secretary to inform the League via email the reasons for the abandonment as soon as possible.
  • A decision will be made by The League if required and communicated to BOTH clubs and the fixture will then be updated.

Familiarise yourself with the Rules and Fines Tariff

  • The Rules are on the App so ensure you have these downloaded
  • Look at the fines tariff at the end, this is what your Club will be charged if you don’t follow the Rules
  • If you are charged there are 7 days to respond or the fine will stand and if not paid within a further 7 days, then a new charge for failing to pay will follow so please ensure your Secretary has all the information they need to respond.