Guidance For Eastern Junior Alliance Referee Marks

Match Referee Marking

Please note that should the match referees marks be 60 or below.
A letter should be sent to the Results Secretary outlining the reasons why this mark was given.

Referee marks and Sportsmanship marks must also be put onto the website.

Failure to comply with the above will incur a fine.

Rule 13(I) on page 29/30 is correct

The Guidance for marking referees is on page 111 of the 2014/15 Eastern Junior Alliance Handbook.

Please find a copy of rule 13(I) below

13(I) Each Club shall, in a manner prescribed from time to time by The Football Association, award marks to the Referee for each match and the name of the Referee and the marks awarded shall be submitted to the Competition on the prescribed Form provided. Clubs failing to comply with this Rule shall be liable to be fined or dealt with as the Eastern Junior Alliance Management Committee shall determine. A Club providing a mark of 60 or less will be required to write to the Results Secretary along with the Match Report Form giving the reason(s) for the mark awarded. Clubs failing to comply with this Rule shall, at the discretion of the Eastern Junior Alliance Management Committee, be fined £25.00.

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